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Maximum number of RSS Feeds?


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I just tried to add another RSS Feed to my list of feeds and for some reason it does not appear in the UI. I currently have 16 feeds, of which the last one shows me incorrect content (but it does download the correct files from this feed!), it actually shows the content of the other 15 feeds!


When I try to add a new RSS downloader, I do get the option to select feed #17, but after closing the window, it is reset to feed #16!


Is it not possible to add more than 15 feeds (16 if you count the one showing the incorrect data)?


Attached screenshots:

- 1.png ==> Content of RSS feed #16

- 2.png ==> Content of RSS feed #16 in browser

- 3.png ==> Selection of feed #17





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I came across a very similar Bug in my µTorrent. I am able to add any number of RSS Feeds to my Feedlist, however in my case always only 10 of them are displayed. Items of feeds, that are not displayed, also do not appear in the combined view when "Feeds (14)" is selected and can therefore not be downloaded.
Also upon right click -> edit Feed on the last item in List it shows properties of a different Feed (one that is not displayed).


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