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Speed drops if i tweak settings


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So i was using Utorrent for years, but today, the speed just dropped, from my usual 10 MB/s + to barely getting 5 KB/s.


I re-installed utorrent, tried downloading a torrent, getting a steady 2 MB/s, i went to options -> preferences, and the moment i did, the speed is dropped to 1 KB/s to not downloading at all, reinstalled again, went to options again, dropped to 1 KB/s again.


So i decided alright, i'l try Bittorrent, downloaded that, started a torrent, got a steady 5 MB/s, went into options -> preferences, changed the upload limit from 0 to 1 KB/s *Not download*, the download speed dropped to 10 KB/s and no higher, reinstalled Bitorrent, and i didin't touch any settings for an hour, and the whole time i was at a steady 5 MB/s, but when i touched ANYTHING in preferences, the Download just drops to 10 KB/s or so.


Uninstalled Bittorent, got Utorrent, same thing, it's fine until i so much as go into preferences, any suggestions?

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