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Upload cap, no download speed.


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Greetings fellow utorrenters, I have an issue that I'd like to get help with. My problem is; My connection is decent, but has one major flaw, the upload speeds are much worse than the upload (50/5-10 mbit down/up) so usually when I download stuff with utorrent, I cap my upload so I can still do other stuff without lagging around like a mofo, but recently I've noticed that when I cap my speed to say 1kb/s, the download speed goes down really hard, barely reaching 10kb/s, and as soon as I put the cap back to unlimited or something like that, the speed instantly goes back. As seen in the picture below, same torrent, red is capd, green is uncapd. This is obviously not a big problem, I'm just intrested in what's causing it, is it the torrent file or the uploader that doesn't allow people to cap their upload speed while downloading their torrents?


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