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Files are not being moved to completed download folder


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Hello all,


I have set the download direcotries as shown below (Fig 1).  I believe this setup would keep files in the process of being downloaded in the "InProcess" folder and when downloading finished they would be moved into the "Downloads" folder.  However, when downloads finish they remain in the my InProcess folder.  Is there anything im missing?


When I go to start a download the screen shows "Save In" folder as the InProcess file and I understand I should just leave it like that to get the expected results, where the file is moved to the "Completed Downloads" folder when done.  Anyway, if I change the "Save In" folder before I start the download (dialog in Fig 2) to "Downloads" the download starts placing the file directly on the "Downloads" folder and doesn't use the "InProcess" folder at all. 


So, am I not understading the functionality, not configuring it correctly or is there some other problem?


Thanks for the help.



Fig 1



Fig 2

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