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Error 0x8007000F: Cannot delete folder


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EDIT: Apparently, this isn't related to uTorrent after all; now it's showing up elsewhere, too.

Please ignore.


Running uTorrent 3.4.2 on Windows 7 64 Ultimate, avast! antivirus, Windows built-in firewall.


I've recently (last ~2 weeks) been hit by a strange issue. I download a torrent, delete it from uTorrent and can move the file/folder freely on my laptop and to a pen drive. Both copy and move.


However if I try to delete a folder, I get error 0x8007000F.



I can, however, move the folder to a pen drive and delete it there.


I just find this very weird. The only folders affected appear to be torrent folders downloaded in the last ~2 weeks.

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