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Steps to register existing torrent files.


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I've been using uTorrent for a couple of years now and have never been able to figure this out.


I THINK these two situations have the same solution, but i may be wrong.  I am trying to solve the following two issues:

1.  I've downloaded a torrent and was seeding it successfully, but the files were not downloaded to the location that i wanted to.  Its a long story not worth telling, but i now have all the files from the torrent and i am trying to re-register the torrent so that i can share the files that i have downloaded.  So, i have gone back to the website that is hosting the torrent and re-downloaded the torrent.  I expected that it would find the files that i've already downloaded and simply register the files and start sharing them.  Instead, the files (that i already have) begin downloading again.  How do i stop this behavior?


2.  The machine that i am working on has been rebuilt.  I have a bunch of shows that i've previously downloaded and the original torrent files that came with them.  In some cases, the shows are still listed on the trackers that i downloaded them from.  I would like to re-register my files that i've downloaded and share them.  What i have tried is to download the torrent file of the torrent again.  As above, the files start to download, even though i already have them.


In both cases above, i have the same problem.  When i download the torrent file again, uTorrent begins downloading the files, even though i have already downloaded them.  Since my share ratio is an issue, i don't want to download the same files twice, i already have them.  I simply want to register and share the files that i have already have. 


Could someone please thoroughly explain how to do this?

thank you!

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I don't think it matters, but i am running uTorrent version 3.4.2, the 32-bit version.  I'm sure this is not a uTorrent bug, but more of a matter of my needing to understand the particulars of using it properly.  I probably haven't found the right link in the help files.

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