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Private Torrent, But no peers


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I have a problem with creating a working private torrent. i setup  the torrent with the proper tracker notation and address, i choose the files or folder, and i create the torrent file and send it to my friend to download it.


the problem is when he open the torrent, the torrent doesn't show any peers but the tracker shows that there is one seeder, which is me.


and it stays the same, untill he add me manually as a peer.


- I use utorrent internal tracker.

- I use it in local network , my friend is in the same network ( University dorms, different buildings).

- I tried to create a new torrent with no private tag, same thing.

- I disable my firewall, and my friend did the same, nothing changed, you still have to add local peer.

-  one of us have to add the other in the torrent peers tab in order for it to work and start downloading.


I looked it up but there seem  nothing specific.


thanks !

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