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Finding a torrent after updtate


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Hello everyone!

So i have this problem: I added a torrent, utorrent started and the window popped up, showing the inside of the torrent. (i had to wait for downloading the metadata to see, and select the files to download, cause i'm picky) while i was waiting, a new window popped up, that a newer version is available, and if i want to updtate.

I clicked yes, and PUFF the window dissappeared, the torrent window dissappeared, utorrent closed, restarted with the fresh version. My torrent nowhere to be seen.

But now the problem is that i can't add the same torrent, because it says that torrent already added, and asks if i want to load the trackers from it. But i can't find the torrent anywhere to start the download.

It's really irritating, because this is the 3rd time it happens to me.


Any feedback will be appreciated!

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