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Moved DL files and .torrent files now wont seed / recognise the DL's


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Newbie mess up so apologies in advance folks.


So I moved both the .torrent files and the DL files themselves to a new drive as the old drive was full and dying on me. So then Utorrent wont recognise the already DL's torrents.


I have read multiple threads on the forums but TBH I am getting a bit confused by the various instructions and guides. I have tried even moving the .torrent files back to the original drive / folder (but no the DL files themselves) and all that achieves (after recheck) is that Utorrent then starts downloading them again.


You can see from the screenshot that the error message 'Error cant open .torrent file <path>'........ This is pointing to the old file path. The ones that say stopped are those where I have moved the .torrent file back to the original location and forced a re check.... but now if i start them they just start downloading a new from zero again....


Is there anyway I can get Utorrent to to realize that I already downloaded these torrents and get it to start seeding them again? Preferably on the new drive location as I said the old drive is both full and dying on me.


I know this is probably very basic stuff to most of the mods and power users on here but i don't want to loose all the seeds (and screw up my ratio) so any help be appreciated  :)





Using  Utorrent 3.4.2 / Win 8.1



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