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Closed but still running


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Hi there,


So I'm confused. I thought it was just a one time thing, but it's not. I X out of the software & when I relaunch it, the ratio is a LOT higher then it was when I closed it.


This is dangerous, as I use a VPN as I'm in the US, so I thought when I X out, it's gone, it's not accessing the torrents. I was also wondering why this webcam program I was using was causing problems (people couldn't hear me), now I know.


Why is it doing that?



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Check your settings at "UI Settings" if you have activated "Close button closes uT to tray" at "System Tray" options.

If this is active uTorrent is just minimized and is still running - but you should see any icon in the system tray!

Also you can check with your taskmanager if uTorrent is still active.

But remember, when closing uTorrent it can take some seconds (around 10) until it is really gone as the open connections and some data have to be finished.

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