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Run a program on uTorrent start


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So I'm switching to uTorrent from Deluge and I'm also bringing my scripts with me, all good so far but now that I've added over 100 torrents to uTorrent it's a bit problematic.. here's an example of what happens when I start uTorrent:





I don't quite understand why it's handled this way? Is there a switch to disable the "run a program" when uTorrent first starts up? It's not causing issues on my system right now, but I'm fairly sure once I hit 1000 torrents, it'll probably kill my memory.


How does anyone else deal with this behaviour and utilize "Run a program on torrent state change" with a lot of torrents?


(I do have an idea, but sadly it doesn't work because the WebUI can only set the setting for finish_cmd, there is no state_cmd in my WebUI :S)

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