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Up Speed Very Slow Since used Malaware-bytes


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Hi!!! Please help me, I don't really know much about torrents at all I usually just click buttons and wait for the completed download xD


Anyway, I do however know you need fast download speed to download the torrents quickly. 


Yesterday, at the suggestion of my friend I downloaded Malaware-bytes and did a scan since my computer was running a little slowly just to check it didn't have a bug. However, since I did the check uTorrent has been having painfully slow up speeds :( It jumps around from 0.1kb to 7,0kb but in generally very slow. 


I was wondering is this a coincidence? Or has malaware-bytes blocked my downloading of utorrent? Is there anyway I can undo what was done? 


Any advice is appreciated!!!! thanks :D

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I have noticed that some programs tend to interfere with my download speads.

I have tried the following fairly successfully:

1. Get an uninstall program such as  Revo uninstaller (Free version) found at


such programs remove the garbage that 'dedicated uninstall features for programs' leave littering your directory etc.

Then use it to remove the programs you think are interfereing. Reboot the computer, and recheck your download speed.

You can always re-install the program if the above doesn't work

2. If you know when the speed dropped off, try using your Windows system's 'computer restore' feature and pick a restore point date prior to date the problem occured. Recheck your download speed.

3. There are other suggestions, but let's not get too O.C.D about it.

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