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Volume not mounted and slow downloads until restart uTorrent


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I have read countless topics of "hey I have an error, volume not mounted" and then "your external drive isn't plugged in/changed letter".

It IS an external drive but neither of those is my problem. 

The drive worked fine until I pulled the E drive, but it is still named F.

When I click advanced change download location, I just click OK and it works, I DO NOT change the directory.

This happens with every torrent.


My other issue seems common as well but I couldn't find a solution to it either,.

When a torrent starts (after I change the directory to the same directory it already was and click start), it will go extremely slow (<10 kB/s) until I exit uTorrent and re-open it, then it works fine.


Thanks so much in advance for any help on either of these problems.



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