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Any way to show the total sum of all added Downloads?


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Is there any way to show the total sum of all added Downloads w/uTorrent 1.8.6? (Mac OSX)




-You add a 1GB torrent, a 2GB torrent and a 3GB torrent


I'd like to see a statistic somewhere that shows me that I'm downloading a "Total" of 6GB.. This would be very helpful so that I know how much space I need to have allocated on my drive before I continue adding more.. I switched over from Vuze that used to "Pre-Allocate" the torrent's space on your disk, which was very helpful because if you started downloading a 20GB file, the space for those 20GB's would be pre-allocated on your drive (instead of being incrementally added).. This is very useful because you know if you have to start moving things around (to external drives, for instance) or if you have to stop seeding a certain amount so that you can make room for your new torrents..


Is this feature something that exists? Thanks!

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