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Most files do not download anymore


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Since a few months most of my existing torrent files show hardly or no activity anymore, no up- or downloading. Some of them have already been downloaded for 90+ %, but nothing new happens. Incidentally there is an up/download of 0,1 for a few seconds, then stop again.

Could it be that those torrents are blocked and/or the related files have been blocked/removed?

Any new copyright infringement procedure involved?


Strangely enough incidentally I can add a completely new torrent (music, movie) which will start downloading instantly and arrives within a few hours (which is very fast, here in Indonesia).


What can I do to activate the 'old frozen' ones again?


If you are willing to assist, please be aware that I am a total dummy when it comes to terms and abracadabra. Please use simple language. Thanks!



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