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Hello? help setting priority


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Hello, im new in here and have a problem setting priority for a low-seed torrent.
What i need to do is: to set the torrent in the highest priority so it can download at max kb/s when it comes available (usually a few hours per day), even if i have another torrents downloading at the same time.
Because i have this 30G torrent that have little seeders and its usually downloading at a 1-5kb/s rate and i notice that a few hours per day, it lets me download at max speed but if i have another torrents downloading it just doesn't go up, unless i stop the other torrents of course.
Could someone help me with this? i saw that in the bottom part you can set priorities for each file inside the torrent (a shit load) but i don't really know if doing so, will give the whole torrent a priority over the others.
Thank you!

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