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Internet connection drops for all devices when uTorrent is open


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Data bit rate is 150/10. While not downloading and seeding at 700Kb my arris tg1762 becomes inoperable, I can't get to the device login page and internet connectivity is dropped. I have to power cycle the gateway in order for it to become operational again. I have the firewall enable and have tried utorrent with and without port mapping, peerblock with http blocked and allowed, dos attack protection disabled. I have checked my NIC settings and jumbo frame is disabled, send a receive buffers are maxed, and NS/ARP offload are enabled. I had my friends PC hooked up and the issue did not replicate, so I scanned my pc but nothing relevant came up. I also checked the gateway logs and there isn't a damn thing relevant to my event even when its happening. I can do a large d/l on steam at 20.3MB/s and the issue does not replicate.

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