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Multi-monitor problem in dialog to add new torrent


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I have many monitors connected to my PC, and often I change the active monitors. Like the monitors are arranged in diferent relative positions, I have a kind of variable resolution in my desktop...


Well, when I open a .torrent file, sometimes, the window that appears to add the download seems remember the position, and many often I can't see it. The only way that I can is change the active monitors to match with one that shows the window... (I don't know if my explaination is clear).

A short solution could be that the window could appear in the center of his owner (uTorrent main window appears with no problems).

This is really problematic for me, some days ago I thought my uTorrent had some problem, after I discovered the cause and I hope you can solve it....

Sorry if my english is not clear!

Happy Christmas!


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