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Autoselecting directory


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Idea is simpe. 

uTorrent have a history of directories where i download files. Then i start new torrent, uTorrent offer me not the last used directory, but the directory from history with the most acordance to the file name or  (if acordance is found).


For example, i have hext order history list in uT:


D:\Program Files


E:\Music\Three Days Grace

E:\Video\Serials\Constantine S01


and i add the new torrent which contains one file "Helix.S01E04.720p.TV.mkv". So uT automaticaly will choose the directory "E:\Video\Serials\Helix".


I thought i can try write some plugin for myself, but dont find the way how make it.


Well, it's all, sorry for my English.



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