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New Guy Looking for People that Know Things


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Greetings all.


I've joined this forum because it ranks high on a Google search for terms related to "electronic rights" and "forum".


I'm a forum person.  90% of what I've learned since high school has been learned on forums and from people that know things.  I've refined it to a science.  Join the right forum, find the right people and learn things.  That's my "method".


I do download.  I run Azureus (classic) and have used it for over 5 years.  Understand about half of the "advanced" settings.  Use Private Internet Access for a VPN, and get most of my files from Kickass Torrents.

I run against the grain, to the greatest extent possible.  Have problems with multi-national corporations writing laws that govern me, a free American.  PROUD of what an American is supposed to be, and not necessarily what we have become.


Why I'm here.

For months I've been looking for THE place to join (a forum) to learn as much as possible about internet anonymity, countermeasures to government (and other) surveillance, what the law says it is, how it is enforced and what court decisions have actually been rendered, where the future of electronic privacy is going, etc...  I've tired of talking to people that, like myself, have opinions based on things they've read "around", things they "just think", etc...  I've yet to find a single place where people that really know and care about this stuff connect and share their information.  Torrentfreak is the best place I've found so far, but their "forum" (communication area) really sucks.  It's not meant for communication and relationship creation and development.  I'm here to find out if such such a place exists, and where it might be.  Else, I'm considering creating it online.

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