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A lot of trackers aren't working for me anymore


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OK I have a lot of torrents that I actively seed. I'm currently seeding 47 torrents. 15 are through a private tracker so they only have 1 tracker and they all work. But the other 32 torrents I am seeding, all of them have certain trackers that don't work anymore, but all used to work. Here is a list of the trackers that still do work for me as of this date:

And here are the public trackers that don't work for me anymore as of this date (but all of which used to work at some point in the last year):

Now I think something strange is going on here because istole.it, openbittorrrent.com, and publicbittorrent.com all seem to be run by the same people if you look at their websites, and all of their websites load properly for me, yet none of their trackers work for me. I think this is strange, I wonder if they blacklisted my IP address or something. I sure hope not. Do public trackers do that? I am not involved in any anti-P2P activity. I do a lot of seeding of torrents. I don't know why they would blacklist my IP, if that is something they may have done. Also it seems most of the ones that don't work are popular trackers connected to by UDP instead of HTTP. The HTTP trackers seem to be doing better for me for some reason.


As for the errors I get, it is a variety. The vast majority give me the error "Connection timed out." The second most common error is "offline (timed out)". Third most common is "Tracker reply has no peers field", although those trackers still seem to work. Fourth most common is "Request timed out." And finally in last place is "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it". What is the difference in meaning between thease different error messages? Does anyone know this?


Finally I'd like to know if anyone else is SUCCESSFULLY connecting to any of the public trackers that I am not able to connect to, and which ones in particular. In the past, ALL of these public trackers worked for me at some point but gradually less and less work over time. In recent weeks a WHOLE lot less have worked, even ones that seem like they are still online for other people... I looked at torrent news sites and didn't see any news about major trackers being offline, other than an outage last February (February 2014). Is anyone aware of any outage of public torrent trackers?


I do use the program PeerBlock 1.2 with an iBlockList subscription to prevent the bad guys from connecting to me, and have it set to the standard settings (default P2P, Spyware, and Advertising all blocked to prevent bad guys from connecting to me, but Education NOT blocked since I wouldn't want to block college students from connecting to me, they aren't bad guys). According to my PeerBlock logs I am constantly getting lots of failed attempts by anti-P2P organizations (usually foreign ones) and botnets (also mostly foreign) to connect to me and they are all being successfully blocked.


It seems a lot of the trackers end up stuck in "updating..." in the "Update in" column. In fact if I look at that column, right now ALL of my trackers for ALL of my torrents say that in the "Update in" column. Why is that? Is it because I have 32 torrents that have tracker lists of 45 or more trackers (more for ones that have trackers where they are registered torrents) and I have all of my torrents set to "Force start" so they are all active at the same time?


Finally I use uTorrent version 3.3.1 build 30017 as my torrent client. Newer versions than 3.3.1 don't work with a private tracker, bakabt.me, that I connect to, so I use the newest version they allow. Also my computer doesn't support SSE2 instructions so the latest version my computer can support is 3.3.2 build 30586. Versions 3.4.x don't work on my computer since they require SSE2 support in the CPU (my CPU is an AMD Sempron 2800+ that I got brand new in 2005, one of the final models to not include SSE2 support, which AMD added to their chips at the same time as 64-bit support, whereas Intel added SSE2 instructions 5 years earlier than AMD with the original Pentium IV). My uploading bandwith for uTorrent seems to be capped around 125 kbps by my ISP, through a cable modem. The maximum download speed for uTorrent I've achieved is 2 Mbps. It seems I have much faster downloading bandwidth than uploading bandwidth, so I can download torrents much faster than I can seed them. 16 times faster, to be exact.


Anyway I would appreciate anyone who can answer any of these questions, because I am trying to do my part for the community and seed torrents to maintain good ratios, but a lot of the most popular trackers don't work for me anymore (although DHT, PEX, and Local Peer Discovery all still work luckily). Mostly I want to know which of those trackers I listed as not working for me, other people are able to have work for them right now, and how I can get it fixed so I can connect to them too. I guess probably I have too many active torrents but a lot of them I either don't have a good enough upload ratio on yet for my satisfaction (I try to aim for an upload ratio of at least 10:1), or the number of seeders is less than 10 so I don't want those torrents to die out. I've seen too many good torrents die young (including seeing torrents that ended up with zero seeders but hundreds of leechers who wanted them) to allow it to ever happen again for any torrent I care about, so I am on a mission to keep all of the torrents I download alive afterwards as a way to give back to the people who shared that content with me in the first place. If it weren't for people like me, and everyone just leeched and then deleted the torrent once they were done downloading, all the torrents would die out fast and the community would be dead too, and to be honest I used to be one of those people who just leeched torrents until they were done downloading and then deleted the torrents to stop uploading, before I knew better and learned this was wrong, and reformed my ways to be a better member of the bittorrent community who gives back.


Thanks, I hope someone can help answer this for me.

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