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When I'm downloading=450Kb/s, when not =1.9Mb/s WHY???


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I've done the setup several times, checked and made sure my settings are as ideal as possible compared to other's listings on the Internet. But whenever I'm downloading using uTorrent, my download and upload speeds are abysmal! I never average higher than 450kb/s when I was used to getting a steady 1.9 to 2.4 mb/s. And it's steady as hell but excepting short minimal peaks, 450kb/s is all I get. I've tested my speed up and down while torrenting and with all torrents stopped but leaving the program active. As soon as I click "Start" on ANY torrent up or down, the speed drops to nada!

I'm about ready to try one of there uTorrent Booster programs. Though I doubt they'll do me any good.

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