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Batch Move Torrents \\ Keep File Structure


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Combing through this forum, I have seen a number of similar requests, but nothing detailing exactly what I am having trouble with.


What am I doing?

I am looking to perform a 'Set Download Location...' for all 723 of my active torrents.


Why am I doing this?

I am unsure that every single file in my 'Currently Seeding' folder is actually seeding.

I hope to use µTorrent's integrated 'Set Download Location...' feature (or something similar) to move the entire directory and then delete all leftover (i.e. not seeding) files that remain.


What is my setup?

I have a single, primary folder titled 'Currently Seeding' that has sub-folders grouped by type of file (TV, movie, application, etc.). I want to keep the entire directory structure beneath 'Currently Seeding.'


I may be a unique situation that can't be dealt with automagically, but if anyone has any tricks up there sleeves — I would sincerely appreciate the assist!


Thank you for any advice!



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