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DSL modem with built in routing


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Hi All

I've been pulling my hair out trying to get that green status on Utorrent and after noting that connecting my machine directly to the cable modem STILL didn't get a green light and reading a post in a message thread about DSL modems with built in routing, I have finally confirmed that I have such an animal. My ISP is grandecom.net and the cable modem is a Dare Global db102. From searching on the internet I was able to find the default username and password and was able to log into the modem admin console and look around.

I've confirmed that the cable model is doing NAT and since I have a router, I thought maybe I could turn off the modem NAT and still be ok. After changing the NAT from enabled to disabled, the modem rebooted and I couldn't make any internet connection at all. I set it back to enabled and it's working again.

I'm wondering if the ISP requires the modem to perform this function or if by choosing the proper settings my router can pick up the required function....

Anybody have any success with something like this?

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