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Laptop freezes while downloading/Checking torrents 3.4.2 build 38429 (32bit) in win 7 ultimate 64bit


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Hi Admin:


I am a user of torrent for almost a decade, and this is my first time to encounter such error. There are times that my laptop freezes during downloads, so I need to force restart the laptop by long pressing the power button. After restarting, all of my currently downloading files are gone in the torrent tab, so I have to locate individually the .torrent files which I manually created for easy location to continue the downloading. Initially, utorrent will checked files and the checking will stop again and freezes again the laptop.. utorrent will stop responding... I cannot ctrl+alt+delete my pc, can't click anything just freezes except my mouse pointer.. so I have to force restart again the laptop and go safemode and delete all the affected files wherein the utorrent freezes during check mode. Please help..

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