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uTorrent breaking icons in Windows


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Can someone please tell me what does the uTorrent installer install that could possibly do this? I have now uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of uTorrent to confirm that it's definitely uTorrent causing this.


Check out the attached image and look on the left side of the big icons? Notice the jaggied black shadows? This ONLY happens if I have uTorrent installed on my computer. If I uninstall it and reboot - the problem is gone. If I install it again - the problem is back.


That's the weirdest issue I've seen, but it worries me how can uTorrent interact with my system to the point that it actually affects the drawing of icons? I have refused to install any of the crap it tries to install along with it (the Ask.com stuff or this System Optimizer), just uTorrent itself and just the recent version. Please advise.


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