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I have 3 utorrent.dmg files - stable from official site, beta from official site, and also old one. All of them show me the same version when i choose uTorrent > about uTorrent = 1.8.7 (37979). Why I've started to roll them on my mac? I have a speed issue, described here - http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/93304-low-download-speeds/


First 30 sec after utorrent;s start it uses all my bandwith (perfectly done, by the way). After 30 sec download speed slow down to 10kbps. But! Seems like it happens only if i have more than a few downloads at the same time.

About mac: 16G RAM, icore7, hdd (not flash), Yosemite 10.10.2, dpwnload speed set to unlimited in utorrent, firewall is off. Right now i keep only 2 torrent files in Downloading and utorrent keeps 8-8.6M, stable, no drops.

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