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Disconnected Drive Error


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i use a encrypted container as a drive .

works like any drive when mounted .


sometimes though ill start a torrent download an forget to mount the drive.


of course i get a page of errors on every torrent in my list unless i hit the reset on the puter before the prog launches.


now to fix it i can force a check on my hundreds of torrents which many are not seed or seeds are extreemly slow


taking hours to verify each file most never finishing.


there has to be a way to clear the errors .. make a reset button


restart an remount the drive and all will be well .




so i just delet all the torrents this has happend 3 times last year


more whinnig




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What version of uTorrent are you running?


Do you store the .torrent files on the unmounted drive, or just the downloads?


Were the torrents downloading, seeding, or stopped when the torrent client was last closed before launching with the unmounted drive?

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Try putting the .torrent files on the same drive where uTorrent is installed. This will help stabilise the behaviour.

You can leave the downloaded files on the encrypted drive.


Also look at putting a program in the startup folder to mount the drive when your computer starts.

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