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Unable to purchase uTorrent Ad-Free.


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My subrscription to Utorrent Pro just expired and I do not wish to putchase another year. For the year I had it, I never use the streaming or media player and the anti-virus tended to miss things my regualr anti-virus caught. All I want is to disable the ads. Too many of the ads being served are "dating" related and I just want them gone. I found this link to a help article for uTorrent Ad-Free.




I tried clicking the x above the ad, but it keeps only offerinfg me Pro. I've been using uTorrent for about 7 years and I love using it, but pro too expensive just to disable ads and I may move to another torrent program if I can't purchase Ad-Free. The client won't provide it as an option and I can't find a link on the website, so how do I purchase it?

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