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Does subpath not support unicode?


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Dear everyone,

I am trying to use web UI for remote adding on torrent files.

Adding and downloading of torrent files were working well. However the problem is on sub directory.

I tried to download files on specific subdirectory of download path.

When the sub directory has english name, downloading could be properly initialized and finished well.

However, if the name of subdirectory is non-english character, the download path was crashed and downloading could not be started.

I implented clients on PHP language, all scripts were encoded as UTF-8, but the unicode character could not be sent to utorrent properly.

I used the latest utorrent program on windows 2012 server.

I am wondering whether subdirectory of web ui could not support unicode.

Is it possible?

Unicode torrent file is not broken but subdirectory is only broken.

Thanks in advance

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