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µTorrent 3.4.2 Build 38758 says Connecting to peers


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Hi Guys,

How are you?

I might have that same problem with an earlier version of utorrent when it showed connecting to peers all the time.

As honorable moderator of this site reommended me I have updated utorrent to latest version. there are 3 things I wish to understand better so please help. OK?


1. Why did earlier version of utorrent said that there were no newer version avavilable at this time even modeartor was right. Build 38758 was newest release at that time?


2. What does connecting to peers mean and what does it try to tell you?


3. What does finding peers mean and what does it try to tell you?


Bonus question: What does peer and seed means that was available in utorrent version I earlier used (2.2.1)? And what is its replacements in todays utorrent?




Well thanks guys for reading and your interest.

I will be more gratefull if you please comment to this post (without insulting me), and please consider that nobody is born with all knowledge which we all pick up here and there. So please be kind enough to help.



I must say my thanks to honorbale moderator of µtorrent forums and site who help us noobies always whenever they can.




And last of all.


Have a great Sunday evening /afternoon.








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