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uTorrent not respecting "ignore file" and download/upload limit


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I've been having this problem for months already, so I learned to ignore these problems. But I think I should report them anyway.


I'm using uTorrent 3.4.2 (build 38397) [32-bit], but as I said, I've been having this problem for months.


Problem: uTorrent does not ignore files I say it not to download.

It always happened with these annoying .txt files uploaders and torrent websites love to put into their torrents (you know, Download from TorrentX.com.txt, etc). I never cared too much, since they have just a few bytes. But recently it happened with a 668 GB torrent (16 seasons of an anime on DVD quality). I put the first season to download and ignored all the rest. When I came back hours later, it had downloaded over 30 GB of files I had ignored, and not even 2 GB of the first season... and it kept requesting for more parts of these ignored files. I couldn't do anything to stop it, so I just removed the torrent and downloaded one with just season one and worse quality. P.S.: I tried to stop/start the download, didn't change anything.


Problem: uTorrent does not respect speed limit (download/upload)

I've been noticing it for a long time now. First, I thought it was just a peak: like, I put 200 kB/s, it requests 200 kB/s of content, but then it receives 150 kB/s during 2 seconds and then 250 kB/s during the next 2. So, it could be supposed to happen for a small interval of time, no problem.

The problem is that it happens for minutes, or hours. Even the average speed stays much higher than the limit (sometimes, over 50%!). I'm posting it here after getting an average of almost 300 kB/s with a limit of 200 kB/s on a 2.4GB torrent...


Of course it isn't much of a problem, but it is sad that even a software can't obey my orders T_T!! What kind of leader am I?


P.S.: I already checked http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/60691-utorrent-v2x3x-best-practice-tips/ and my uTorrent is configured correctly to avoid the speed limit problem.

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