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Problem with 38758/38656 - When DLing ONLY Some Files In A Torrent


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Windows 7 64 bit, I click either a magnet link or a torrent link, the torrent represents multiple files (to be downloaded) within it, sometimes 20. I include ALL the files to be downloaded and click "Don't download" Then I find the single or 2 or 3 files I DO want to download and click "Priority" and then "Normal".


Now when the couple of files have supposedly DLed and the torrent is listed as seeding, I go to that folder and all I have is something like:: ~uTorrentPartFile_96A98208.dat, but the files(s) are not there. When I look in uTorrent, the line listing the file that was supposed to download does not have any pieces filled in as it is supposed to do.


IN addition, within the separate folders that appear in the download folder (books), I see the separate book folders, and with them is files like 03 3 - Sphere.mp3.!ut.


Also in uTorrent (after it has told me the specific files have completed downloading, the "down speed" continues for instance over 800 kB/s even though the files are done downloading and, for instance "status" is 211% and climbing. 


I never had any trouble with this before.



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