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is it possible to automate the relocate feature ?


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hi all


i use couch potato to download my movies and i need to try and automate the relocate feature.. if possible.

my C drive is a SSD 128gig hdd so i need to move the downloaded torrents to my NAS download share for seeding.. otherwise a couple of movies and ive already run out of space...


now i have tried using the "move completed downloads to" option but this breaks couchpotato post processing.. its kind of strange but it will do 1 movie and then the next one it wont process 

i then have to restart couchpotato and it will work for 1 movie.. then stop...


i have figured out that if i relocate the torrent.. it will keep seeding and doesnt break/stop my couchpotato

so this is my only real option at the moment.


i have tried saving directly to my NAS download share... but the network latency actually caused utorrent to hang and show the not responding notice... which was really annoying...




so my question is... is there a way to automate the relocate feature possibly with a script of some sort? powershell?


let me know if you need any more information..



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