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NAT error !


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Hi all,

I use µtorrent 1.5 and I have ADSL with PPPoE dial-up internet access mode (LAN), so I should build a dial-up connection (Bridge) in Widows XP SP1(it is used to to establish connection to my ISP), so my question is:

To get a static IP adress, I should recopy my IP adress and Default gatway.... informations (IPconfig) in "Intenet Protocol (TCP/IP)" Proprieties of "Local area network 3" (Win XP SP1), or in "Intenet Protocol (TCP/IP)" proprieties of my new dial-up connection build (PPPoE protocol), or in both ???

But there is a probleme,

I saw in "ipconfig" and I found that my "IP address" and "Default Gateway" adresses are always the same (10.10.xxx.x..), and at every time I disonect/reconnect, I get a new one that is the same for the two ("Ip address" and "Default Getway").

In addition, I try "default Getway" adress in my Web browser, but that don't give nothing.

So my modem is also a router or not ? if yes, how can I get my router Web page adress ?

Thenks in advance and excuse my bad English.

Edit 1: I have also this two errors messages in the journal:

-Error opening Windows firewall: 0x8004154

-Unable to map UPnP port to

Edit 2:

In line 8 it is "Conection to the local network 3" instead of "Local area network".

It is an USB ADSL LAN Adapter conection. (128k)

I have disabled my Firewall (Windows XP SP1), but nothing. :(

Please Help.

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