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I'm running an important bittorent italian tracker/community,

My tracker use the client id (not the http client declare) in order to match the bittorent client/version.

This works fine and using this way I can detect the 97% of all peers.

I have used the specs from http://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentSpecification

Actually is usual use this kind of peerId Schema on the first 7 byte of peerid:


that is an underscore, a twoByte ascii Client identifiel and a four byte ascii version number. The example identify (-)(AZ)(2060)(-) Azureus v.

This coding way is adopted now also from BitComet.

As you can read from the above posted page link, there are also different coding way for the peerid: the question is uTorrent wich peerid schema use?.

Thanks for the answer.

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