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? Layout Settings Lost With New Versions


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I recently got 1.5.1 - 462. When I ran it, my layout settings were all reset to the defaults. This is the third time that this has happened. Usually, the layout does not reset when I run a new version but occasionally it does. It's rather annoying to have to resize everything all over again. I assume that this occurs because the settings file format changes correct? Is there a way to preserve the settings? Can they be "imported" from a previous version? Some other way to avoid having to set it all up again?


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Ah I see (well not the other posts, I can't find those but I see the answer.)

A way to get around this problem when columns are added or removed, is to leave the old column structure as it is, adding the new ones to the end, then move the new ones to whereever you want them programattically at runtime.

For example if you've got 3 columns:

Col1:50px, Col2:100px, Col3:10px

And want to add Col4 between Col1 and Col2, then add it to the end:

Col1:50px, Col2:100px, Col3:10px, Col4:200px

Then move it to the target:

MoveColumn (Col4, 1);

=>Col1:50px, Col4:200px, Col2:100px, Col3:10px

This is how I got around this problem with some of my programs that had lists where column structure would change often and I didn't want to have to make big changes.

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