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Premature file move


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uTotrrent 3.4.2, build 38656 32bit, Windows 7, 64bit


I have uTorrent setup to move downloads to a different (move) folder after completion, same external drive, different folder. 


I have been downloading a very large torrent (200GB) for several days and had a problem with my computer not related to uTorrent or the external drive.  The problem was resolved but when the computer was restarted and uTorrent was restarted my large torrent started from the beginning. And the file was in the wrong (move) directory.


Before the problem, the download was about 90% complete (185GB) and I can go into my download folder & see the tracker & the folder & all the files completed before the problem. If I go into my move folder I see just a single folder (like the download is just starting).


The other (much smaller) downloads I had running at the same time were not affected.


How do I get uTorrent to point back to the original folder & recognize the original files without losing what has been downloaded previously?


Thanks for any help.




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Starting from the main utorrent window:

1. Highlight your file of interest

2. Right-click, select "open download location"

3. Should show your new small downloaded file.

4. Back in utorrent window:

5. Highlight your file of interest again

6. Right-click, select "Advanced", then "Set Download location..."

7. Opens a new window with the current download location (ie folder) selected

8. find, then select the location of the 90% complete file

9. Note: this window is limited to showing only folders, Not files, so know ahead of time the folder that file is in!

10. When selected, the correct folder location must appear in the BOX at the bottom if the window (including DRIVE letter.

11. Click on SELECT FOLDER to close the window.

12. Back in utorrent window, the "Downloaded" or "Completed Bytes" column should show the new value after checking for errors.

13. FYI: I switched from "Downloaded" to "Completed Bytes" because it doesn't include failed hash test data.

Hope this helps. Doc

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