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Normally, uT would check for updates, download as needed, replace the old exe with a new exe and just have at it.


The latest incarnation, however, decided to not do so. Has downloaded in updates\3.4.2_39586.exe and just proceeded to launch, moving the startup entry in registry to the new exe and (assumingly) moving my .torrent association as it saw fit.


This has two issues:


a) I strictly control my startup lineup and, as a result as someone hijacking my approved startup line, it got reverted. As a result, restarting the system says "update failed, do you want to revert to old". This is less than desirable.


B) Not every software out there follows Windows associations. Notably, Firefox allows select extensions to directly be downloaded, and launched, via approved software. Which is now the old version, which complains and exits. Thus, can't one-click .torrents any more. (I can save to disk and drag, but this is suboptimal)


c) File will be deleted soon by the cleanup patrol. SSDs are expensive.


Now, if this was an error (I was plagued by previous version stalling upon exit and/or terminate), then that's it, no harm done. I manually updated the exe and all is well.


However, if this is meant to be the new way to update uT, please take my observations into account - moving the exe name every update is not the best of ideas.




As a side note, main page label "blog" links to blog, and "community" also links to blog. I hope that is temporary. Google knows where to forums are, fortunately.

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