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V 1.8.7 (39558) broken, dead with OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)

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Hi folks,

Just downloaded the latest version and I am dismayed. Here are bug reports:


(1) I have no labels of any kind, not my labels grouping torrents, nor uTorrents own labels like All, Active.

-- This is a right pain in the proverbial. 


(2) I have traffic inbound and outbound.  But the Preferences is red-lit saying 'no incoming connections'.


(3) Intermittently, which is weird, I cannot use any menus, only command key sequences such as Apple-Q.

Typically, the fault manifests thus: when I click a menu bar item with left button, or click elslewhere with the right button, the menu appears ... then goes off in under 0.5s. Apple-keys sequences like Apple-Q work ok.


(4) It repeatedly locks up.

(4.1) Clicking the Trackers tab and then clicking the Files tab freezes the user interface for clicks. Apple-Q still works.

(4.2) Having the Files tab selected when the main window opens and then clicking a torrent freezes the UI. Apple-Q ok.

-- Having the General, Trackers, Peers, or Speed tabs selected when the main window opens allows torrents to be selected ok.

(5) If I run uTorrent from the dmg directly, it won't start the install process unless I allow it tp contact a browserbar website. Only if I allow it to download a 'vital component' from a 3rd party do I get an offer of an install. Yet copying it to my applications folder works fine ... is THIS the matter with the poxy thing? This is as bad as the Epic Partner stuff, it's just not on adding things to my machine without me knowing.  


(6) There is no way back, it seems, because you don't support older versions ...

Honestly, I have little hope that running an older version against the technical file set will do me any good. Nevertheless, I will try. If it doesn't work I am going to be so pissed off with you people. This is a dreadful set of problems.

I'm a professional software developer since 1977 - which is why, to me, this doesn't look even tested properly. Ffs.

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Having similar issues with Version 1.8.7 (40222) and OSX 10.7.5. When I click on the title bar or right click on a torrent that is running I get a spinning ball. It seems to lock up.


Will this be fixed? Will there be an update anytime soon?


You broke the previous version that didn't need fixing.

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