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Download overlap protection

Brandy Down Under

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On occasion I've started two different torrents that have the same download location.  Torrent xxx may have a destination of Season 1 with files like Episode 1, Episode 2, and so on.  At some later date, I'd start another download of a totally unrelated torrent.  It's frustrating to find that this new torrent also downloads to the same generic location.  So two unrelated torrents are using the same download folder and may even have the same generic file names.  This is ugly, in that the first torrent's files become polluted with download pieces of the other.  Cleaning up this mess is no fun.


My question is:  Would it be possible to have some kind of download overlap avoidance?  I presume this is would need to wait until the metadata download completes, as otherwise the actual target directory wouldn't be known.  When the metadata is complete, a quick check of the download directory could be made.  When there's a match, a counter or something could be added to the directory name to prevent a collision.


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