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uTorrent isnt loading old seeds


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So recently i had to unplug my Hard drive that has all my torrents on it to test and see if another hard drive we had laying around still worked, and now that i booted up my computer again with the original hard drive that has all my torrents on it, uTorrent doesnt have any of the old torrents seeding. im not sure what happened and i really want to keep seeding those torrents because i use iptorrents and they track your upload/download ratio and it would be a real shame to not be able to continue earning download credit on all those torrents. Thanks in advance for any help, its really appreciated.


http://gyazo.com/ffb116f5b385c8a9c24e99967df4e394 here is a screenshot showing that the only torrent that utorrent recognizes to seed is one i JUST downloaded about 5 minutes ago (after the hard drive shuffle) and along with the stats of my activity showing i should have many more.

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