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Dumb question


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Forgive me if this has been asked and answered.

Why isn't there more effort to try to add some function to bittorrent clients to allow users to coordinate when they will be online, downloading/upoloading a particular file?

It seems to me that in addition to the quality of the tracker the another key factor in getting a 'screaming' download is timing.

How many times have you seen someone on a torrent forum post "Please reseed"?

Even if some kind person answered the call, what are the chances they are both going to be online at the same time?

I have experienced some incredible speed bursts on some torrents.... unfortunately they are torrents I'm only slightly interested in. I want music! Alas, the fastest downloads I've ever seen have come from 'adult' torrent sites. Unreal.

Maybe they have awesome trackers, I dunno. But what these torrents often have in common is a large number of users (=perverts, lol) actively dowloading/uploading.

So what I'm thinking is if there were a way to 'schedule' participation in a torrent. That is, a way that I know when someone with a larger % of the file is gonna be online. Instead of just 'hoping' by chance a seeder shows up.

Timing is everything.

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