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Files go to wrong folder while downloading and then move


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Hi, I started having a problem with my utorrent 1.88 out of the blue the other day. I have an external hard drive and because my mac is full I always send my downloads directly to the external drive. This used to go just fine. But now, even though I tell the file to download directly to the external drive it goes to my mac until it is completely finished and then it automatically moves to the right folder on the external drive. Just to be clear, I am not talking about the .torrent files, I'm talking about the tv shows etc that I am I downloading themselves. I found the preference that lets you move the .torrent files after download is complete but I couldn't find anything about the files themselves doing it. This is a problem for me because I can't download anything bigger than my mac's hard drive because it does the red ! error since there's not enough space on that hard drive to complete the download. That is why I bought the external drive, but for some reason I can't get it to download straight to it. I have tried changing the label with the external drive as the label's folder location; I have selected no label and tried to just set the download path; I have removed and re-loaded utorrent onto my computer. Nothing has worked. The folder things go to while downloading is my default download location, if that helps anyone figure out what is going on. I can't find anyone else describing this problem anywhere online. Please help. 



PS I posted this on the windows utorrent page by mistake and couldn't figure out how to un-post it, so I apologize for it being on this forum twice.

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