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Torrent not uploading, torrent not downloading

Kazuaki Shimazaki

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First, I'm pretty sure this is not uT's fault. I've been downloading other torrents very well. But this is a speed problem, so I'd put it here and see if by any chance anybody has any ideas.

After 6d 10h, I've managed to get 93.9% of a weak torrent. Presently, the torrent has:

1 seed (BC v0.66)

1 peer (BC v0.6) at 96.2% (these two are the only guys that have something I still need)

6 peers (BC v0.62-0.68) at 93.9%

1 peer (BC v0.66) at 61.8%

3 peers (BC 0.6-0.63) at 34.9% (EDIT: just moved to 35.0%)

1 peer (BC v0.6) just coming in...

1 guy I don't know, because I'm not connected to him.

That I'm getting next to nothing from the guys on top ain't too surprising - this is BitComet after all - I'd just sit. After a week of waiting they must give me something... And yes, of course I already tried switching the torrent to BC (downloaded v0.68), and had to give up when it couldn't detect a single peer over DHT (the regular trackers have all crapped out).

The big surprise is that nobody is asking me for data either. In fact, it looks like the BC guys themselves aren't asking each other for data either - at least according to the readouts they aren't making any progress (EDIT: Actually, they are moving a tiny bit, but they could be moving a LOT faster if only they would leech from me).

What is happening. I don't mind people leeching. Not now. I just want to see some movement - any movement. What is happening? And yes I'm using Beta v1.51 build 465...

(EDIT: At this point, I'm feeling it'd be nice if uT has a function where I can just hurl chunks of unrequested data at those 35%s' doorsteps, just to fill them up...)

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