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  1. b17668... I notice that the bandwidth graph is not showing the local bandwidth used anymore. Bug or design? I'd really like to have it back. Also, obeying the connection limits appears to be working properly again, no issues in the past few days. -- Smoovious
  2. uT not obeying connection limits again... torrents keep going active, but never attempt or allow connections, because the statistics window shows way more connections active than I allow. (I allow 32, currently it shows around 70, seen it as high as 110) no matter what is going on, any kind of connection should obey the limit... if it doesn't obey the limit, don't count it against the limit, please. -- Smoovious
  3. ProUkorN... you said you also see it in Windows Explorer, while you're remotely logged in... This would not be a uTorrent bug... it sounds like something unrelated... see #1 in arvid's post... -- Smoovious
  4. Richard> We are looking into a solution to get old skins working with a mixture of defaults for new images. Did this problem also occur in the 1.7x-1.8 update for people using skins? New images were added in that update as well. Yes, it occurred in those updates as well... I mentioned it... complained even... loudly... a few times... I was shut down again... >shrugs< -- Smoovious
  5. Builds don't go on the automatic updater until there has been some testing first. Generally, it goes like this, with occasional exceptions. First, a new build is tested among the development group. Next, it is tested among the support group. Next, it is announced in the main IRC channel, for some quick limited public testing. Most of the time, if there is a serious problem, the dev and support groups haven't noticed with their system setups, it will be noticed pretty quickly in this step. Next, it will get posted in the forums, just like this thread was. A little wider public testing, and any serious issues that the IRC peeps didn't catch, will be found here. In 1.8.2's case, this is the step where a significant amount of crash dumps were being reported, which the devs are investigating. (this is why 1.8.2 hasn't hit the updater this time) Finally, if all goes well by this time, which on average, would only be a few days or less, with no serious issues being spotted, then it goes on the updater for wide release to the public. So, go ahead and stick with the automatic updater. By the time you get an update automatically, it should have already passed a decent amount of testing. (beta updates are the exception to this whole process. keep beta updates disabled unless you're wanting to test potentially buggy builds) -- Smoovious
  6. Why does that frighten me? -- Smoovious
  7. a paused download, is still active, and incomplete, in that context... try stopping the torrent instead. Don't pause torrents as a rule... a short-term, temporary, pause, is fine, but if you're not going to participate on that swarm for a while, just stop it. It removes you from the swarm, saves connection overhead, and you don't waste connections on a .torrent you aren't going to be active on in the first place. -- Smoovious
  8. so, you're not interested in learning how RSS works in 1.8 then? People, please... put a little effort in... They way you guys keep pulling out so quick when you're not getting the immediate results you want... you must leave behind many unhappy ex-girlfriends... -- Smoovious
  9. As for the 'why doesn't it work with linefeeds, why does it need a blank line'... Because DOS and Windows-based computers define a new line as a CR/LF combination... this isn't a *nix program. -- Smoovious
  10. @powtrix|war59312|DenisCool: reported fixed for next release -- Smoovious
  11. You have no control whatsoever what other peers do. You run your program, they run their program, and that's it. -- Smoovious
  12. They may still be downloading but not sending have's to the seeds... µT has an option to do the same thing... -- Smoovious
  13. I think he means the title-bar text for the web page... The main index page says "Powerful BitTorrent Client"... The download page says "The lightweight and efficient BitTorrent Client" tho... >shrugs<... think he's just being a little whiner about that tho... the program is infinitely more important than the slogan... -- Smoovious
  14. For something that it isn't, it does what it isn't, really really well... -- Smoovious
  15. btw... Wine bills itself as a Windows emulating environment... so it isn't on us to specifically code to be compatable with Wine... just with Windows... it is up to Wine to specifically code to be compatable with Windows' environment, so Windows applications will run on it. If a program runs ok under Windows, but not under Wine, and Wine is supposed to be emulating Windows, then it isn't doing a good job of it and needs to work it out... -- Smoovious