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  1. Disabling UAC on Windows 8 does not fully disable it, unlike with Win7. You're still running in LUA mode. You can technically disable it, but then it breaks the Store/Metro apps completely (if you care). If you explicitly run µTorrent as Admin, it is possible to do fast allocation again. Again, definitely keep your cache size lower than 1024MB.
  2. Okay. So, on Windows 8, it's not possible to do fast allocation of files, since it requires the admin token. You might as well turn on pre-allocate to take the penalty at the beginning of the torrent instead of randomly in the middle. RAID1 is pretty slow for writes (usually a little slower than a single disk), so that's not going to help your performance too much.
  3. What version of Windows are you running on right now? 7 or 8.1? You probably still want to keep the cache size smaller, below 1024MB. Also, you can turn on the 'pre-allocate files' option in the settings still. This will cause overload near the beginning since the client will be busy allocating every single file (writing zeroes).
  4. It's pretty curious that you're getting Windows ran out of memory error. Does that only happen when you set the larger cache sizes?
  5. What is your cache size set to? Going above 128MB is usually counter-productive.
  6. Re-enable the windows system cache and uncheck "write out untouched blocks every 2 minutes".
  7. Stop obsessing over Windows using cache memory. It's not a memory leak.
  8. They're test builds. You aren't supposed to get a direct link to them.
  9. Yep, we've updated it again! And we've made it easier for us to push new versions of utserver on our site, so it'll be much easier to have future updates posted.
  10. I already pointed it out to the devs yesterday when I uploaded the strings. There will be a re-up today or Monday with the fixed strings.
  11. Windows uses memory for caching. Just stop fretting.
  12. right click on the node and hide it. Still, it should be auto-removed, I think.
  13. They're both out of date. I just updated them, though. If you use the one in the help menu, you should get an updated copy.
  14. Lower your cache size. Try not to go above 1GB. A cache that size doesn't really help anyway.
  15. Yeah. And those should probably be deleted automatically.