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  1. µTorrent 3.2 build 27547 crashes on second run of Setup Guide.
  2. The StickyKeys bug is still present, e.g. pressing Control key, releasing it, then pressing P key with StickyKeys switched on should open Preferences but it doesn't work.
  3. A playback right-click menu option would be good. Shouldn't playback preference append "%1" to command line instead of just %1 by itself?
  4. With StickyKeys enabled you should, for example, be able to press the Control key, release it, then press the P key to bring up Preferences. This doesn't work in µTorrent, nor do any of the other keyboard shortcuts work when invoked in this way, unlike every other program I have ever used.
  5. Anyone else seeing this icon problem with 2.0.3? It doesn't always appear. I've never seen it before with any previous version of µTorrent and I was using the 2.0.3 betas.