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  1. Same here updated to build 25252 from 25234 and the whole OS goes into a fit. Context menu's goes black, Start menu goes blank, This is utter crap of a build on my system. After shutting it down somehow, OS slowly returns back to normal some 20 sec or so later(although i killed then started explorer.exe manually as well once to restore everything back to normal) Reverted back to build 25234, everything fine with that. Using Win 7 SP1 64-bit µTorrent 3.0 (32-bit) beta 25252
  2. On clicking on Find Content this is the error that is shown in Logger [2011-03-31 18:47:18] Script Error: line=138 char=412 code=0 message=Access is denied. url=btresource://3609FC884502A1DF0AA5D9D160C827BB1BD51FC9/packages/jquery.min.js And on clicking Apps the errors are (2 lines) [2011-03-31 18:49:40] Script Error: line=159 char=23 code=0 message=Unable to get value of the property 'language': object is null or undefined url=btresource://DADC6E156485529178AD96DD503321DE39C1BED5/packages/apps-sdk/bt.js [2011-03-31 18:49:40] Script Error: line=5113 char=4 code=0 message=Access is denied. url=btresource://DADC6E156485529178AD96DD503321DE39C1BED5/packages/jquery.js
  3. Installed latest 25150 The "Find Content" window doesn't show anything just blank white even after it shows downloading app. Apps also similarly showing blank white screen even though next to Apps it says (2 Installed) which were of "Get Started" and "Find Content"
  4. Number in settings is same for both (uT 2 and uT 3) versions i.e.100, even though i have only about 50 torrents in total.
  5. I want an answer to this question of mine. Why does the same settings file give only 4 max Active torrents in utorrent 3 while gives 12+ approx in utorrent 2.0.4? (Settings file created originally on fresh install of uT 3 and kept same throughout) Whats the explanation.
  6. Yes its coming in nicely, its still Alpha so unusual behaviors can be forgiven. Another thing i wanted to point out was for me, even with same settings file the uT 3 Alpha only has about 4-5 max. Active torrents, while 2.0.4 has 12-14 Active torrents. Have seen this behavior both ways, using 2.0.4 settings file on uT 3 and/or then using fresh install uT 3's settings file for uT 2.0.4 Torrent details include: 50 total Torrents. 2 Allowed to Download (sometimes only 1), Rest upload. So basically with uT 3 alpha only 2 are at most uploading fully excluding the downloading ones.
  7. Is this expected behavior? Jumbled text on General and Speed tabs, can anyone replicate this behavior? Also the speed guide test only seems to work for Paris server for me, rest all seem to give that "Data send error:bla bla bla, (10053) Even when it works on Paris server it gives low speed results almost 75% lower, it is a prob at my end? or just that that test servers are messed up themselves, 'coz my torrent speeds are normal. Also when minimized CPU usage is 0% when active on screen display its about 3% most of the time, But Another thing i noticed was how "Loud" the UI is turnign out at some places, most of all i absolutely hate the current "Pause (||)" yellow or whatever color they are, anywhere i look at the corner of my eye i see a vertical chain of | | not pleasing on the eye, its like those eye hurting yellow websites.
  8. Again this current build 21433 giving that constant 15%+ CPU load. build 21340 had that fixed at around 2 %. Don't know what happened in this build. As i have mentioned before my specs being, Win 7 64 bit, 4 gb ram, using same settings file in uT directory, even when all 50 torrents stopped no resolution. This is alpha so i am not that worried, just that last build seemed to have had corrected this to a great degree.
  9. Finally this build 21340 finally has my constant high 15%+ CPU usage sorted out at last. Now it hovers around 3% or so rarely spiking above 6%. On stopping all torrents its at around 1-2% Its still not as 2.0.3 (using build 20683) which rarely touches 1 % even when all torrents are loaded. So i'll stick with it for mains. But whatever you guys did, thank you and please continue doing the good stuff.
  10. Again the Constantly high CPU usage isn't fixed for me (same as previous 4-5 builds), build 21169 again has constant 12-14% CPU even with all torrents stopped.
  11. Tested the new build 20759, then build 20777 Still having the same above reported, unusual continuous CPU usage of 15-20% approx. i am on win7 64 bit btw, Even on stopping all my 50 torrents, hence no bandwidth activity, still has no affect.
  12. Some 55 torrents Total Only 1 (sometimes 2, max) Downloading Approx 10-12 are active at max (uploading, which i have capped at 90% of max upload) DHT enabled, bandwidth management (utp) is off, Rest of settings i have at default more or less. I can give you my settings.dat file if you want.
  13. I am having High CPU usage with the uTorrent 3 including the latest build as well, build 20680. I am new to reporting bug/problems so bare with me. This is the utorrent 3 build 20680 in Process Explorer. As is evident, there is considerable constantly high CPU usage. Here is the mini-dump file from Process Explorer. Now This is the same CPU performance for uTorrent 2.0.3 build 20683. Barely a trace. Here is the mini-dump file for this version. Both uTorrent versions were used with the same settings and same torrents loaded for roughly the same amount of time from a fresh start. Hopefully this will be looked into.