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  1. http://i053.radikal.ru/1207/c2/6cd2ce061d47.png -65? ;D
  2. Devs, I have such a bug. Firstly, you can find settings here: http://zalil.ru/32437717 When I try to add torrent file with, i.e., 35 GB. I select 1 file from the list. Start torrent. It starts, but stucks after 1-2 minute, because of overloaded cache. When I restart UT, it goes normal. Cache - 256 MB. Max speed ~4 MB.Default write cache size on downloading: 30-100. I think it's bug.. Maybe it tryes to allocate cache for all files? I saw these bug 2 or 3 month before, but it still not solved.
  3. Hm. What about bt.sequential_download, if disk is defragmented and optimized, when reserving space for downloading file? It'll write file piece to piece. And has it any of cons regarding to speed or etc?
  4. Problem with Disk activity 100%. On X86 version - work without problems :/ http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20110902/kMklR91X.png Configured like here http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/windows/107637/ On X86 using windows cache, it overloads hdd too. But on this options works fine. Even on 11.2 MB/s http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20110902/y77g9BT5.png I don't see such a big difference with X64 screen shot. But why it overloads the hard on both cachings? :/ UPDATE: Hm.. Mistake :/ New X86 overloads hdd too. on 3.2-3.5 MB/s On prev builds it worked quite fine.. :/ I don't think that my HDD cannot read-write on 10 MBytes.. http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20110902/VuZcmEyE.png http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20110902/pKgU1w1w.png
  5. w000t, sorry http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20110830/5T3dUrJd.png Sometimes there's a problem with button "<<" ">>" (mizime/maximize torrent window.. [i don't know how to name it. It's on left-bottom of the screenshot). Sometimes it opens/closes not from first click
  6. Still the problem from previous build while highlighting many items in Files tab. UT drops selection and after ~1-3 sek, ut drops 50% of all selection. Very annoying, when you should disable downloading of many many files in one torrent download, and left only one.
  7. w000t, the same problem on russian translation Pruf: http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20110829/TuShcuDI.png And, maybe at all, option to disable "Web Search" panel? As to me, i've used it only 1-2 times from releasing.
  8. http://s59.radikal.ru/i166/1106/ac/b24a6b4c68ca.png Doest not fit Percents and KB in small progress bar. Please correct
  9. Hey.. I think, it's your bug.. Machine (2.13 i3, 4gb-1033) with Win7 x64 stucks after 6-10 hours with launched uT downloading/uploading. Problem is that uT doesn't clean simbolic links in Mapped File in RAM and it's weight goes up to 2-3 GB. uT after 10 minutes eats 25% RAM by Mapped File. (Analyzed with RamMap from Sysinternals) Screens: http://i22.fastpic.ru/thumb/2011/0527/68/d2329a7e79951df5ad23c765e7e1f268.jpeg http://i22.fastpic.ru/thumb/2011/0527/c6/cc36b91aa24925f13137bcd2c3923ac6.jpeg http://i22.fastpic.ru/thumb/2011/0527/38/c0c9945b3f7f595a89676770cc1b1f38.jpeg
  10. offtop jjxaker, это значит, что пора поделиться с остальными. Ну-ка... Быстро проксю поднял :D:D /offtop Such a bug, with File Priority.. Cant highlight items. I highlight them - they drop it after 1-2 sec. Another bug, stucking at launch. UT eats cpu/ram, but gui not responding :/
  11. 2 Developers, I have a question. Why, while using http proxy, dht is not working? i've corporative squid based proxy, nat. I have internet only through proxy. What ports are needed 4 dht? Torrents are blocking. But i'm using tunnel me->corp.proxy->my proxy (http)
  12. I've noticed a bug.. When i partitialy download music files (some of them i wouldnot like to download). See on screen. Version 3.0 Alpha 21340 Upd1 And utorrent always forgot it's window position :{ very annoying..
  13. When seed, get errors There was no in v2.0.2/2.0.3
  14. Hello. To my mind, new side panel is very large and taking to much space... Now I should give to it about 1/5 of my screen space.. :/ Very Annoying Can you do something? Or maybe you can do some options to choose the panel?